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Are You Improving At It? Or Just Getting More Comfortable Doing It?

Feb 5, 2015

Short video today, covering a simple point that can make the difference between spending years stuck on a plateau versus finding ways to take your work to another level:     If you know someone who’s going to the gym, for example, month after month but is never increasing their distance covered on the treadmill… Read more »

Get More Done with a Pie Chart Plan

Jan 31, 2015

Time is often brought up as a limiting factor for home game developers. With that in mind, finding ways to make more effective use of what time you do have can go a long way. Obviously planning can lead to better time usage, but the problem is that detailed planning quickly becomes a time sink… Read more »

The Importance of Doing What No One Is Asking You To Do

Jan 1, 2015

“Life is one beauty contest after another. School, then college, then work… If I want to fly, I’ll find a way to fly. Do what you love.” -Dwayne H., paraphrased Little Miss Sunshine (2006) The world demands certain things of us. The workplace, school, family, and friends place pressures on us to do this or… Read more »

Motivation Alone is Never Enough. Pace Yourself!

Nov 30, 2014

People who aren’t making the progress that they’d like on their projects often blame a lack of motivation or willpower, as though having energy to follow through on the things that we mean to do is some innate character trait. It’s as if the people who are more productive on their projects have more motivation… Read more »

Solo Home Videogame Development as Meditative Practice

Oct 31, 2014

The other day I read 3 Sources of Happiness That Aren’t Tied to People or Stuff. It’s a pretty short article, and well formatted to be easily skimmed if you don’t feel liking giving it full attention. Heck, the first two sentences pretty well lay it out: It’s incredibly important to find sources of happiness… Read more »

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