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Gamkedo.Community Podcast 46-62, Gamkedo Club Released 24 Games, and 9 Tips to Get Started Making Your Own Games

Jan 3, 2017

The podcast, formerly Game Devs Like You, has been retitled to Gamkedo.Community, but it’s still going now after a year. You can stream all episodes free at No account creation or software install needed. Gamkedo.Club has now released 24 games, and at the time of this writing is currently working on 5 more. You… Read more »

GameDevsLikeYou 22-45, Gamkedo Club Now Worldwide, One-on-One Training Openings, Videos of Talks at USC, GDC, and IndieCade East

May 13, 2016

It’s been a long time since I last shared an update here on HobbyGameDev, but as always I’ve still been helping more people find their way in or into game development. More Game Developer Interviews The Game Developers Like You interviews podcast, recently also listed on Stitcher and Google Play in addition to iTunes, now… Read more »

GameDevsLikeYou 16-21, Video of My IndieCade Talk, LA GameDevs Club in Beverly Hills

Nov 3, 2015

I’m here with another batch up episode summaries and a couple of other new things: The new Game Developers Like You interviews feature: • creator of a silly viral web game • professor and educational game creator • game artist and QA-lead turned all-in-one indie • augmented reality experience designer • game jam developer •… Read more »

GameDevsLikeYou Podcasts 8-15 Plus New Video Course

Sep 21, 2015

Hello again! The newest episodes of the Game Developers Like You podcast once again feature a variety of viewpoints and experience levels, which in this latest set includes: • a producer of Game Boy Color games at Nintendo, Atari Jaguar ports, and toys • a contract game programmer who’s also had his book on game… Read more »

GameDevsLikeYou Podcasts 1-7

Jul 30, 2015

Hello everyone! As promised in the previous post I’ve been redirecting my monthly blogging energy into getting a new episode of the Game Developers Like You podcast posted at the start of each week. Already you’ll find in that mix a variety of viewpoints and experience levels: a studio founder, a pre-teen iPhone game programmer,… Read more »

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