Galactic Egg Snatchers

Galactic Egg Snatchers

By: CodeServant, AleKahpwn, Johnicholas, InteractionArtist, Mercy404

An Easter-themed game like Space Invaders for Windows PCs.

An r/HobbyGameDev April Collaboration by:
/u/CodeServant – Team Lead, Programmer
/u/AleKahpwn – Art, Task Management
/u/Johnicholas – Art
/u/InteractionArtist – Art
/u/Mercy404 – Sound

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  1. […] in April we ran a 30 day trial, in which 3 modest games were completed: Swing-It!, Galactic Egg Snatchers, and Match Mania. (That last one, Match Mania, later evolved into Jewelized Saga, now in alpha […]

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