6 Design Rules of Thumb

Aug 31, 2012

I’ll be posting the introductory programming/Processing tutorial soon, as planned, however due to the time needed to get live coding examples ready (and my desire to rethink/reshoot a better version) I’ll hold off on completing the PHP video until Vol. 42.

In its place for now, I’ll offer a slide deck I completed this summer to help incoming graduate classmates in digital media–many of whom have either a technical or a literary background rather than experience with design–warm up to thinking and working more like designers.

I’m hopeful that this will also prove useful for game developers that have a background outside of design, to rethink design as more than just a different type of content production, recognizing it instead as a different set of priorities and practices.

Although this is about design in general, not specifically level or gameplay design, these same principles of design are certainly still applicable. That’s true for both the more concrete considerations for visual design (interface, manual, website, etc.) and also for more process-oriented work like level or gameplay design (thinking by sketching, curating your work, and finding distance from what you’re creating).

The slides are available on Scribd:

> > View the Design Rules of Thumb PDF on Scribd < <

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