Simple AI Chase, Minigolf Roll, Color Key Collision Map (Processing Video Tutorials)

Nov 19, 2013

These continue the series of videos I’ve recorded for Computer as an Expressive Medium, using the free development/prototyping environment from

For this newer round of labs and video tutorials, I’ve transitioned from walking through how to do something to instead beginning with setting up the goal, broken into written steps, for students or others following along with the course to first try coming up with a solution without my help. Below I’ve included links to the plain text files of the step breakdowns, as well as which time to skip to for getting straight to the solution after giving it a shot.

AI Chase Exercise Steps. To bypass the exercise introduction and go right to the solution walkthrough, jump to 9:30.

Minigolf Ball Motion Exercise Steps. The answer walkthrough begins at 3:15.

Color Key Collision Map Exercise Steps. To skip to the solution go to 4:00.

If you’re just now finding these videos, and could use some more gradual warm up material, check out the earlier videos from the series.

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