Are You Improving At It? Or Just Getting More Comfortable Doing It?

Feb 5, 2015

Short video today, covering a simple point that can make the difference between spending years stuck on a plateau versus finding ways to take your work to another level:



If you know someone who’s going to the gym, for example, month after month but is never increasing their distance covered on the treadmill or the weight resistance used, you know that they’re not improving, they’re only maintaining. (That’s obviously infinitely better than just letting it fall by the wayside – not maintaining would be worse.)

But if you have your heart set on someday building your dream game (and honestly, who among us doesn’t?) or aspire to someday make that shift from hobbyist to game development professional then a maintenance approach alone is not going to cut it.

To build up to the kind of project or role that’s grand enough to require being built up to, you don’t merely need results. You need results that are better each day than the results that you were capable of the day before. In order to improve you’ve got to make a conscious effort to keep pushing yourself, to stay working hard – probably to keep the practice always at least a little uncomfortable!

We only grow when we take on challenges that we don’t completely know how to solve when we start, but can realistically walk away from afterward having figured out a way to do it.

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