Flash Game Dojo: Great AS3 Libraries and Learning Resources (Also Free!)

Jun 16, 2010

John Nesky informed me today that Chevy Ray Johnston and Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman have launched http://flashgamedojo.com/. The site is loaded with free ActionScript 3 tutorials on how to utilize Saltsman’s Flixel and Johnston ‘s FlashPunk, which are two great AS3 Game Libraries for making pixel-art/bitmapped retro games. These provide a terrific launch point for taking your hobby web games to the next level.

I love finding these kinds of resource goldmines. When it’s well done and it’s coming from an experienced source – both of these guys are exceptional at what they do – I can link to it instead of covering more nitty gritty programming. That frees me to focus instead on the conceptual/theory/strategy writing that I prefer.

I’ll still be completing part 3 of my ground up library-free tutorials. There’s some value in getting a sense of how things are done with no base, even though ultimately someone else’s pre-debugged solutions and libraries are often the fastest way to better results.

Another Site to Recommend?

If you know of other great learning resources on the web relevant to hobby videogame making (about ActionScript 3 programming or otherwise), please take a moment to share them in the comments below. Even if what you’ve found wasn’t the best fit for your skill level or area of interest, it might be exactly what another reader was looking for.

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