Get More Done with a Pie Chart Plan

Jan 31, 2015

Time is often brought up as a limiting factor for home game developers. With that in mind, finding ways to make more effective use of what time you do have can go a long way.

Obviously planning can lead to better time usage, but the problem is that detailed planning quickly becomes a time sink all its own. On a full team there are people who specialize in keeping things on schedule, on track, and moving according to plan. When you’re also trying to wear different hats as the main (or only!) designer, programmer, artist and/or audio contributor for the project that can be a hard chunk of the responsibility to also be juggling in detail.

With that in mind, here’s a very quick and simple way to plan out a day’s work in minutes.



It seems so simple, but it works. This makes it easier to focus on doing only one thing at a time, leading to more getting done.

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