John Nesky: Facilitating Stories in PS3 Journey + Dynamic Camera (video)

Apr 16, 2013

9 years ago I helped start a college videogame development club, where I met John Nesky. We went on to work together at a startup, on an advergame, and on a bunch of iPhone titles before I went off to graduate school and he wound up over at thatgamecompany.

More recently, I helped get another college videogame development club going, and we brought John out as a guest speaker. He gave two talks, one really polished one on Facilitating Stories in Journey, and a second one he’s currently working on about Designing Dynamic Camera.

(Interested in starting such a group? See: Establishing a Videogame Development Club)

While Journey is clearly not a hobby game project, John got his start as a hobby game developer, thatgamecompany clearly is an inspiration for many up and coming developers, and most of the points he discusses in this talk (ranging from character design to 3D camera behavior) can surely be applied to our projects as well.

If anyone has feedback for Nesky or thoughts on the topics, feel free to post it here, and I can point him here to check it out.

Sorry in advance for a bit of echo during comments later on, this was my first time using Premiere to edit this kind of video (trying to wean myself off of iMovie). I was still kind of learning how to juggle the audio channels effectively, to hear the audience and still get John’s responses, but wanted to get this out ASAP since we have club members that had to miss the talk and were eager to see it.

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