Multiclass for Videogame Making

Jun 16, 2013

I’ve prepared another video entry, this time sharing various ways of thinking about the development of your skills in multiple domains.

The core ideas covered include:

  • There’s no fixed allocation of skill points in real life. If you put in the time, focus, and practice toward learning a different kind of skill, it doesn’t take away from what you already know in your first subject.
  • Better yet: your experience in some skills can even help make learning other abilities somewhat easier, or at least better contextualized, than it might be for someone not coming into it with your prior background. Not only do your main skills not limit you from learning different types of work, they can be an advantage!
  • Gaining experience in a variety of domains can feed back into improving your capacity to perform your primary role by revealing other creative approaches, practical techniques, and means of filling out your ideas that might have otherwise been unknown to you before.

And, of course, the video goes into some other points as well, with detail and examples.

Here’s the blog entry I mention briefly during the video about cool books related to videogame development, research, and criticism.

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