Beginning Unity Tutorial (Video)

Apr 30, 2012

Unity is completely free to use, so long as we don’t need the Pro features. The free version is quite complete, as it includes everything needed to create finished games and compile them for Mac, Windows, and in-browser play.

To help more developers get started in Unity, I created a one hour tutorial this semester on how to put together something basic but functional. After a few practice runs for groups at Georgia Tech, I’ve now recorded the tutorial as a YouTube video, to hopefully help HGD readers and visitors get past the initial hurdle of figuring out how to get started.

Even if you don’t have a project in mind at the moment to make with it, simply working with the tool and making it through the tutorial may get your gears turning about what you might like to create. In addition to trivially providing 3D environment editing, optimized physics code, and handy in-game debugging functionality, Unity is also a really convenient way to easily deploy cross-platform and web-compatible games. Why not give it a shot:

Here’s the final project with all source

The result, playable in-browser (requires tiny Unity plug-in)

The source and version linked above include a few minor additions that were not covered in the video for sake of time, namely multiple camera modes and slightly better input hookup. Simply inspect the source code linked above if you’re curious about how those changes work. For the part of input changes that are not apparent in the script differences, go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Input in Unity when the downloaded project’s scene file is open. The scene file to open is located inside the Assets folder.

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  1. AleKahpwn says:

    This is a great tutorial, thanks for it. I, got to have a lot of fun, as I often do programming, trying to find a typo that broke my “RespawnFromCrash” script. Functions need to be capitalized turns out!

    Again, this is a great primer.

    I was just wondering/hoping you were working on, or know of, a generic enemy AI primer. As far as scripting it goes. I’m trying to figure it out from ripping apart the Unity example game, but non-player controlled movement is one of my least capable areas.

    Thanks again,


  2. AleKahpwn says:


    That question is harder to answer than I thought. Which is arguably a large part of my problem. But, ideal would be a Galaga((does everyone else really pronounce that “ga-lah-gah”? I’ve always been “Guh-lah-guh” myself.)) style enemy movement and firing.

    Most of what I have found gives me an enemy moving from top to bottom avoider style. I’ve had less luck with anything that swoops, swings, reverses, or targets the player.


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  6. Terry Morgan says:

    Fun game. But it needs rockets coming out of the headlights, (remember Interstate ’76?) I’m
    not savvy enough yet to stick them on, but here’s the simplest fireball
    I could find (hint,hint)

    the other bit I want to implement is switching from FPS controller into
    the car, like in Battlefield 42. I think I’d make some interior dashboard,
    windshield struts, roof, more believable.

  7. Dylan says:

    Hey, I did everything on this for my PC however I want to show this to my friends so they can play it on their computer. It opens well on my computer but im lost on how to show it to other people

    • Chris DeLeon says:

      At about 51 minutes into the video instructions are included for creating a build. Although making a web build is what is shown here (which would require other people to install the free Unity plug-in to try it) the other options in those menus support exporting native builds for Mac and Windows, which can then be zipped and shared.

  8. vaishak says:

    hello sir ,am new to unity and i have lesser knowledge of coding ,,i want to make a cricket game so can you please tell me how can we do this

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