DeLeon @ Other Blogs: Extensive Interview, Playing as Pauline in Donkey Kong, and More

Apr 2, 2013

“Indeview” on Projects and Processes

Interview on my technical choices, processes, and projects

Academic Blog Entries

Links to my posts on the class blog for Game Design as Cultural Practice – packed with references to other readings that may be of interest and plenty of conceptual discussion:

Playing Donkey Kong as Pauline to Save Mario

Bubble Bobble and Elements of Gameplay

Believers Bedlam Design Reflection

Demon’s Souls and The Palace

Innovations to Conventions, and Playing to Play

Chess Morality: Pinball and Videogames

Water, Smoke, and Fire (Simple tic-tac-toe mod, not a research entry)

Trivia: the original Vision by Proxy, before I became involved with it to help develop Second Edition and Ms Vision by Proxy, was designed and developed 3 years ago as a project for the same class that these blog entries are for, back when Rose Peng and Andrew Ho (both of whom stayed with the game for all 3 versions!) were taking the class as undergraduates.

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