Fall 2014 Online Practice Team Project(s)

Oct 31, 2014

Battle dinosaurs with a bow and arrow!

A new freeware online collaborative project started recently for the fall 2014 season. Anyone can join. It’s just for practice.

(What about if you’re not into dinosaurs and arrows, or you want to deal with more of a project’s code and design? Pitch a different non-commercial project in r/hobbygamedev/!)

Lead developer Tim Waskett, who successfully led One of the Herd this summer and Swing-It before that, is opening up another project: Clever Girl. For this game he’s mainly looking to connect with beginning 3D artists, people open to trying sound creation, and anyone who’s similarly just getting started with game music. Even if those aren’t things that you already know how to do, if you’d like to learn how then come on board and you can figure it out as you go. That’s how we roll. There are tons of resources out there to learn how to do stuff, and you’ll become rapidly more aware of them and into using them once you’ve got a context to apply the skills:

For more info, to play the initial early prototype, to post if you’d like to join or have questions for the lead, visit Tim’s kickoff thread over in r/hobbygamedev.

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