Free Video Course on Programming Your First Game

Feb 1, 2015

For those of my training clients who have never done any game programming before I’ve been using Hands-On Intro to Game Programming as our textbook.

Section 1 from it is the simplest transformative project that I know to rapidly get someone familiarity with the fundamentals of gameplay programming.

Since those first couple of sessions, prior to designing original games, tend to unfold in a similar way, I thought: why not record a video course based on those initial training calls?

So I did.

You can have this whole video course free. Simply join the Gamkedo list, and I’ll send you a link so you can get started immediately.

Here’s a short video with more information, including sample excerpts:



Although this can be thought of as a video adaptation of Section 1 from Hands-On Intro to Game Programming, since it’s based on the live one-on-one training calls it goes beyond that. In the video I answer questions that were raised by different clients while being guided through the material. I provide additional examples along the way for concepts that people felt were trickier to get. I’ve turned the material into a fully explained on-screen demonstration.

For more information head over to the offer’s page. Or, if you’ve heard everything you need to know and you’re ready to get started, sign up for the Gamkedo List.

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