Game-o-Matic Launched

Sep 30, 2012

Two years ago, I posted on HobbyGameDev about my involvement with the Newsgames project at Georgia Tech, briefly alluding to “Cartoonist”, a tool we were creating to enable non-developers to rapidly crank out games inspired by simple stories or circumstances.

After a bunch of research and programming that took place in the time since, the name has changed to Game-o-Matic, and it’s now available in beta. Naturally, this is a very, very different process and type of videogame creation than what I typically write about on this blog, but as it’s such an unusual thing I thought perhaps other developers may by curious to explore it. Or, maybe share it with a non-developer, and who knows, it might get them interested in making videogames.

Here’s a nifty introductory video put together by one of my classmates that also worked on the project:

Register to try it at

Bonus: Here’s a research paper on Game-o-Matic by Mike Treanor, one of our team’s main developers over at UC Santa Cruz.

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