Games a Beginner Can Make

Sep 27, 2014

This question came my way recently, and I bounced it out to the community:

Echoing some of the findings to last month’s informal Remaking History survey, here are some of the top responses.

Late 1970’s console and coin-op:

Arkanoid (also known in different generations as “Breakout” or “Alleyway”) in particular gets a lot of shout outs:

Tetris got another recommendation as well:

Not only are old games a great starting point, but videogame history can be a roadmap for incrementing design and project complexity from one project to the next:

Naturally, the disclaimer that I always attach to these kinds of discussions about remaking historical examples: I’m not (and I’m pretty sure that these other folks above are also not) suggesting that anyone should be trying to release games like those above as a business endeavor. But remaking and modifying classics is a great way to learn technical game design and practice your fundamentals.

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