Other Helpful Developers to Follow on Twitter

Apr 3, 2014

Once again putting my @HobbyGameDev account on Twitter to use in an effort to better help and understand the videogame development community, the other day I asked the following:

Since increasingly I’m turning my focus to bringing people together – as I wrote about last month I’m even getting a new forum going – here’s are some of the top responses, in case you’re looking for some other voices on Twitter that are bringing more people into or deeper into videogame making. Remember too that it’s not only the names in replies that are helpful, each user speaking up to share their favorites is clearly helping us all, too!

@McFunkypants came up A LOT:

Some followers included links to developers that helped create the videogames they enjoyed growing up. Inspiration definitely counts as a form of help!

Those with annotations about each account are very helpful in deciding who you might like to follow:

A few even included me in their lists (thanks y’all!):

Some passed on the advice of another person on Twitter… but accidentally forgot to link to their Twitter handle (I’ve got your back Nathan! Jonathan Blow’s Twitter handle is @Jonathan_Blow):

Others used every character to include as many helpful accounts as possible:

I’d also like to thank these @reply responses for leading me to turn this into my newest Twitter Community post:

Thanks to everyone that participated! If you’d like to dig through more you can browse the complete list of replies. And, of course, if you’d like to be a part of these dialogs in the future, anyone can do so, just follow @HobbyGameDev on Twitter.

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