Making Finished Videogames (Student & Freeware) / Video of Slides with Audio

Aug 31, 2012

Back in Vol. 34 of HobbyGameDev, I included slides from a summary talk I delivered for incoming VGDev members in August 2011. This year I’ve extended and improved that presentation for this year’s incoming class, and have it here along with full audio:

(Video Link)

Entries mentioned in the talk or otherwise relevant:

ActionScript 3 Entries and Notes on HTML5 – Tutorials and example code for compiling AS3/Flash SWF files at command-line for free (i.e. without needing to use Adobe Flash CS).

Establishing a Videogame Development Club – Notes on policy that worked out well when founding Game Creation Society as a student game creation club at Carnegie Mellon in 2004. We followed a very similar pattern to establish VGDev at Georgia Tech in 2010.

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