Ms Vision by Proxy: 3 Videos

Feb 24, 2013

[Update: Ms Vision by Proxy is now released and ready to play!]

Ms. Vision by Proxy is almost ready to go online. We’ll be posting it later this week. In the meantime, I’ve been making a variety of short trailer videos in an effort to appeal to players in a few different contexts or moods. It’s unusual to ‘hype’ a completely free, non-commercial game before release, but we’ve had this project in development for quite a while, so we’re trying to avoid its release day being the first people hear of it. There are a lot of new videogames being made and released onto the internet every day (probably every hour, frankly), making it pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Though we had an open discussion early on about what to call this version, we resisted the urge to deviate too much on the name. For example, a Chinese Flash game portal had Vision by Proxy Second Edition mislabeled as “Eye Monster 2” which we found charming, and we were a tad tempted to call it Eye Monster 3. While Ms. Vision by Proxy is partly a play on the Pac-Man to Ms. Pac-Man transition (more levels, more advanced engine, same core gameplay), it’s also a name that will hopefully come back in search results for Vision by Proxy, which by now has a little name recognition to it. The original VbP was shown at E3 in the IndieCade booth, and Vision by Proxy Second Edition continues to get 5,000-7,000 plays daily.

The 3 New Videos

First Look – Designed for players that are already familiar with Vision by Proxy Second Edition (video, game). This cut also clarifies the new pink character’s connection to the blue alien from Second Edition – specifically that it’s a father-daughter relation, as opposed to a romantic one players might otherwise assume. The full credits at the end, in addition to giving recognition to other developers on the team, (a) helps avoid the impression it’s a game I made alone, which might arise since I made and posted the video and I sometimes make games alone (b) demonstrates that a bunch of folks helped with it, hopefully conveying something to the viewer about the game’s quality and scope.

Sneak Peek – Shorter, with much less set up, and just a teaser/incomplete fragment of story detail. The intended audience for this video is someone impatient just looking for some gameplay video that cuts to the chase. Since this is the quick edit, I left the full credits out, but instead mentioned at the end which has a section with our team bios.

Closer Look – Here is the main, most general purpose trailer I put together for MsVbP. Since I posted this video closest to release date, it also shows a tad more of the cutscenes. It’s the version I’ll share with anyone who seems unlikely to play the game but (a.) is just curious to know what it’s about (and/or b.) might pass it along to a friend that plays more games or games of this type. To that end I didn’t want to be overly mysterious, and tried to focus on the high level concept without getting into detail. Full credits at the end again, plus a different tag line that I’m pretty pleased with.

Bonus Video (Not New)

Those videos are in addition to the Level Design Commentary video posted last month here for HGD. This commentary video is considerably longer. Though it provides much more backstory for the series and a far longer shot of continuous gameplay, it’s less convenient to view than the short videos above, and has narration over the top which I suspect many viewers won’t care to hear. What viewers it does circulate among I imagine will probably mostly be a different audience, more so fellow developers than casual gamers, which is also why I didn’t hesitate to reuse its opening quote for the Closer Look video above.

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