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Oct 30, 2010

One of the research projects that I am working on at Georgia Tech is the Newsgames project, an endeavor aiming to document, understand, and contribute to the intersection of videogames and journalism.

There are 3 aspects of the project:

  1. Newsgames: Journalism at Play: this part is a book, and is already published. It was written entirely by two PhD students working with our professor – see below for details.
  2. Cartoonist: an authoring tool we’re designing and constructing to enable journalists to create expressive games within the time constraints imposed by the news cycle.
  3. Journalism and Games (JAG): a blog exploring differing perspectives and rhetoric in videogames.

I’m part of a graduate student course where we’re all working on the Cartoonist, however it will be a long time before that’s ready for public presentation. In the meantime, I’m also regularly contributing articles to the Journalism and Games Blog (along with the other Cartoonist developers):

I have four entries posted:

Expressive Hurdles of the iPhone App Guidelines?
About: Why complaints about the App Store Guidelines are generally misplaced and uninformed.

Representation and Meaning: Comparing Mansion Impossible to Property Savvy
About: The overall effect on meaning of purely representational differences that otherwise depict the same mechanics and objects.

Game Dev Story and the Tragic Story of Game Development
About: The runaway hit iPhone game Game Dev Story, and what the game’s mechanics say about commercial videogame development.

NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!
About: A theory as to why this current events show is structured as a short-answer trivia game.

One more article is completed but not yet posted, in connection to the UAV Game. Check back at the JAG blog soon for that one, or subscribe to the blog’s RSS.

Interested in knowing more about the intersection of games and journalism? Check out the new book from this project, Newsgames: Journalism at Play, by Bogost, Ferrari, and Schweizer. (Ferrari and Schweizer are both regular contributors to JAG. In addition to providing editorial guidance for JAG, Bogost maintains a blog of his own on similar topics, Water Cooler Games.)

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