Arcade-Style Game Design / Pinball Presentation

Jun 24, 2013

I’ve written entries before about pinball’s relation to coin-op videogames, however – especially in the case of my master’s thesis – they’ve been lengthy and required some nontrivial effort or a prior interest in pinball to get through. The thesis is necessarily lengthy and thorough, whereas those older original blog entries were a bit disorganized since I was working to better understand what I was writing about while writing it.

To bring this work into a more easily digested format, I recently adapted and updated highlights from the material for a presentation at the first History of Games International Conference.

For business reasons, journals are often restrictive of their content for some period of time. I wasn’t sure to what degree that extended to our panel presentations, however after another presenter openly mentioned in his talk that the full text of his presentation was posted online, I double checked whether it would be fine to share a recording of mine. One of the conference organizers assured me that, at least in the context of this conference, posting my own recording would be a fine thing to do.

I’ve included a little extra detail, and slowed my pacing for clarity, relative to how I presented it at History of Games. I of course have the luxury in this recorded version of not needing to fit within a specific time window.

I hope that you find it of interest or use!

(And as always, please consider sharing it if you do.)

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