Rules in Computer Games Compared to Rules in Traditional Games

Sep 2, 2013

This YouTube adaptation of my recent DiGRA presentation expands on a couple of the more discussed entries that I’ve written for HobbyGameDev. I’ve added to the core ideas a few new ways of explaining and thinking about the distinction between digital and non-digital rules, while trying to better account for how readers responded to those old entries.

The PDF of the full paper will available soon through DiGRA’s online proceedings.

Similar to how I expanded my History of Games presentation on pinball into a longer form on YouTube – less rushed and with some additional details compared to what I presented in Montreal – this version is somewhat extended from the talk that I gave at DiGRA. When preparing a web video I’m of course not constrained to fitting the talk into a particular timeframe, in the way I had to for the live presentation since it was originally in an environment where people were attending days of back-to-back presentations.

If you have questions, comments, additional sources that you’d recommend I check out related to this topic, please let me know! This presentation and the corresponding paper is the start of my investigation into the topic, by no means is it intended to be the final word on it by me or anyone else, and so I am quite interested in any ideas that might affect my future work in this domain.


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