Short Video Replies to Questions from Twitter

Jun 24, 2014

As another vector of my ongoing experimentation with ways to help people make the games that they want to make I’ve been trying to record shorter, more casual videos. This is in contrast to my less frequent but longer presentations that I used to post.

I’m finding this is an especially convenient way to address questions directed to @HobbyGameDev on Twitter that I won’t fit as well in a short tweet reply. It also works well for topics that come up frequently enough that I’ll want to capture the response in a form I can more easily point others to later.

For those not following along on Twitter or subscribed on YouTube, here’s the initial batch.

On the subject of tools for game making that don’t need (or minimize) learning code:

About getting started with making fighting games:

My suggested course of action for when a project doesn’t seem to be working out:

For this more recent message I tried a different lighting setup. Color and such still aren’t quite ideal, but I’ll keep experimenting with changes until I sort out an arrangement that works. The subject: protecting a game idea prior to development.

If you have questions of your own that you’d like to hear my take on, feel free to send them my way at @HobbyGameDev on Twitter.

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