HobbyGameDev Summaries for Georgia Tech VGDev

Nov 13, 2010

Beginning in the start of November, I have been in the process of founding an organization at Georgia Tech (VGDev SIG) similar to the one I helped established at Carnegie Mellon (Game Creation Society).

After each meeting this semester, I’m giving brisk 30 minute talks on student videogame development, and those slides go online for everyone. Much of the material has already been covered on this site, meaning if you’ve already read much of what’s here, these may serve as a brief highlights review, while if you’re new these may serve as a handy summary.

PDF for Talk 1: Indie* Project Management
* In relation to student extracurricular projects (non-commercial).

PDF for Talk 2: Scope Control Best Practices

PDF for Talk 3: Tricks in Videogame Design and Development

One more presentation is on the way, happening Dec 3, with new slides to follow within a few days after. When that one is done, it will be available on the VGDev SIG’s provisional website, VGDev.org. Practice projects will go online in mid-December, with the organization’s first full-semester projects starting in January.

If you’re curious – these are less likely to be of use to most readers – I am also posting the full slides from the club meetings that take place prior to the weekly talks:

PDF for Meeting 1

PDF for Meeting 2

PDF for Meeting 3

If your interest in these is that you are also starting, operating, or participating in a similar student videogame development organization, check out the previous HobbyGameDev entry about the lessons learned from GCS: Establishing a Videogame Development Club.

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