Top Entries From 3 Years of HGD

May 31, 2012

This month’s set of entries, Vol. 38, marks the start of this blog’s 4th year of monthly updates. At over 150 post to date, that’s a lot of material for new visitors to wade through. To simplify that search, or in case you missed a few of these along the way, here are the top entries so far, as determined by a mix of page views, incoming links, and activity on Twitter/Facebook:

General Concepts for Beginning Developers

Bottom-Up vs Top-Down Game Design

Why Minecraft Works (Design Concepts)

Game Programming Fundamentals

ActionScript 3 Entries and Notes on HTML5

Doing More With Less: Short Videogame Design

Question About Comp Sci Major and Game Development

Free E-Book: 10 Years of Indie Dev Takeaways

Videogame Project Management for Hobbyists and Students

Learn It Like Woodworking

Platformer Game Source in Processing

Everyone’s Platformer: Editor, 3 Level Demo, and Full Source Code

2D Platformer Advanced Collision Detection

Math for Videogame Making (Or: Will I Need to Use Calculus?)

Beginning Unity Tutorial Video (source / result)

Games Are Artificial. Videogames Are Not. Games Have Rules. Videogames Do Not.

Establishing a Videogame Development Club

Controlling Project Size for Student/Hobby Videogame Development

Note too that if you have a specific area of interest, the tags listed on the right side of the site (under Topics) are a handy way to narrow down the listings.

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