Launch of Vision by Proxy Dev Blog

Feb 28, 2012

Vision by Proxy: Second Edition, a Flash game I helped develop that won SIEGE Student Showcase and has (at the time of this entry) just under 3 million plays, is getting a sequel: Ms. Vision by Proxy.

Our small team kicked off a Dev Blog at We’ll be posting project updates, desktop backgrounds, content reveals, and other goodies as the game takes shape. We’ve actually been working on Ms. Vision by Proxy in the background for awhile now. That head start has given us time to explore, vet, and begin developing gameplay, story, and new character ideas that we’ll be able to share via the blog.

I recently did my first post for the group. It’s a lot like any other entry I would write here on HobbyGameDev, except it’s grounded in a very specific context. The entry is titled 2 New Features in Ms Vision by Proxy. In it I highlight some of the engine changes that I made to the Everyone’s Platformer engine (the full source and tools for which are completely free to HobbyGameDev readers such as yourself) to create Vision by Proxy: Second Edition, followed by some simple tricks we discovered to get still more out of the engine for the upcoming sequel.

I don’t ordinarily focus much energy on “building buzz.” Lately though I’ve been coming around to the idea that done right, people’s discovery of a game and opportunities to read or see more about it can become a part of their enjoyment – and furthermore that doing this part wrong (or not at all) can get in the way of people experiencing it as intended. As always, I look forward to learning a lot along the way.

If you’re at all curious, head on over to:

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