What I Have Been Doing (Update on Projects)

Apr 29, 2011

When I browse a videogame development blog, I wonder what projects the author has done (I offer exhibits A, B, C) and is currently doing. It affects credibility. It demonstrates whether a blogger practices what they preach. If a picture is worth a thousand words, surely a videogame must be worth many more, at the very least when it comes to documenting what my thoughts are about videogame development.

My various portfolio pages have fallen slightly out of date. Here, then, is a brief list of links to the videogames and videogame-like things that I have been building this past year, some of which have been mentioned on this blog before, but several of which are seeing the light of day for the first time in this post.

It’s of course no coincidence that I included an entry this month introducing the idea of notgames – several of the projects included here, especially after the first section, selectively apply videogame conventions for purposes other than creating challenging entertainment games.

I may be writing design entries about a few of these, though even if I don’t wind up doing so, these are still the most recent examples that I have on my mind when blogging or responding to e-mail questions:

Georgia Tech VGDev Projects

(About VGDev / VGDev.org site with other student games)

Play: MechStrike

Involvement: Producer, Programmer, Lead Gameplay Design, Addl. Interface Design, Visual Effects Lead, Animator

Download: Torr of Thor

(Windows only)

Involvement: nearly all world art, player character art (not UI, title, etc.)

Independent Group

Vision by Proxy: Second Edition

[Edit: Released on 8/02/2011! Now playable!]

I’ve been working with a team of Georgia Tech students to remake and extend Vision by Proxy (original, web/Flash) – note that I had no part in the development of the original project – using a modified version of the Everyone’s Platformer ActionScript 3 platforming engine that I developed for HobbyGameDev.

Unity Projects Made for Class

Open: Relativity Runner

Involvement: All (solo project)

Open: Silver Clouds Puppets

Involvement: cloud/fan physics programming, materials, animations, procedural walking/breathing, input hookups

Warhol’s Silver Clouds in their original setting:
Video of Warhol’s Silver Clouds in modern setting:

Videogames for Communication

Play: UAV Game

Involvement: programming, art, addl. technical design
Newsgames entry about UAV Game’s meaning
HobbyGameDev entry about developing UAV Game

Play: QuitSmoking

Involvement: programming, tuning. Original image concept by ReClark Gable.
Newsgames Entry About QuitSmoking

Try: Media Diet

Involvement: All (solo project)

Note: The purpose of this project is to suggest a different way of thinking about our consumption of media, not to specifically criticize nor praise particular artifacts. My hope is to get players to think more about the numbers they subconsciously assign, to consider which categories they might pay most attention to, and to think about the effects media might have on our confidence or personal development when deciding tradeoffs about money and time between our media options. Put another way: what if media came with nutrition labels – one book having 500mg Literacy, or a movie with 10% Daily Value of science, perhaps a song fortified with Confidence in Creativity? A few (quite possibly a few too many) other little ideas are packed into Media Diet, as well.

Other Flash Projects Made for Class

Open: Smallest Seen

Involvement: All (solo project)

View: Family Future (speculative design)

Involvement: Programming, Some Art, Codesigner, Cowriter
Note: Non-interactive. Sci-Fi, based very loosely on real science/tech.

Porting My iOS Apps to Web/Flash

Entry about porting these apps / More iOS apps I’ve developed/assisted

Play: Tumult HD (web/Flash)

Involvement: All (solo project)

(original iOS trailer)

Play: feelforit (web/Flash)

Involvement: All (solo project), except music (creative commons)

(original iOS video)

Play: Transcend (web/Flash)

Involvement: All (solo project) except the source text (public domain), voiceover audio (public domain), and music (creative commons)

HobbyGameDev Examples

Play: Everyone’s Platformer (web/Flash)

Involvement: All (solo project), except music (creative commons)
HobbyGameDev entry with source code.

Picture of Editor

Play: Platformer Game (web/Processing)

Involvement: All (solo project), except music (creative commons)
HobbyGameDev entry on the implementation

Screenshot of Platforming Example

Get Full Source: A-10 Thunderbolt II Costs (Processing)

Involvement: All (solo project), except music (creative commons)
HobbyGameDev entry on the implementation

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