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Newsgames Blog: Journalism and Games

Oct 30, 2010

One of the research projects that I am working on at Georgia Tech is the Newsgames project, an endeavor aiming to document, understand, and contribute to the intersection of videogames and journalism. There are 3 aspects of the project: Newsgames: Journalism at Play: this part is a book, and is already published. It was written… Read more »

Recommended Reading

Apr 2, 2010

From HobbyGameDev Vol. 6 Sec. 2, on using books as a resource: Cost can seem like a factor, since good books on this subject can easily be in the $30-$80 range, but the important things to think about are that (a.) the cost per hour is quite low, (b.) the overall cost pales in comparison… Read more »

Free E-Book on Game Development Using Python

Feb 27, 2010

Q: I wrote a book called “Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python” and put it on the web for free under a Creative Commons license at I wanted to write a book that young adults could read and immediately start making small games while learning programming. The book is project-centric and each chapter… Read more »

E-Book: 10 Years of Indie Dev Takeaways

Dec 25, 2009

In 2007, on my way out of Carnegie Mellon’s Game Creation Society, I wrote The Young Videogame Developer’s Journal as a way to leave behind some of the lessons that I learned from my previous decade of making homebrew videogames. After finishing the first edition, I got feedback from peers, and things slowed down to… Read more »

The Ways of Self-Education

Sep 24, 2009

You Can Teach Yourself Most of the skills that you’ll need to make videogames, you can teach yourself. …says the guy that devotes much of his free time to teaching videogame making. What I most like to do is help people that already know how to make videogames learn how to do it better. The… Read more »

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