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Independent Game Developer as Career

Oct 28, 2012

Matt D., as part of an assignment, had to send questions to someone in a career he finds interesting. He chose independent game developer as the career, and I’m the someone, so here goes! 1. What is the primary mission of this organization/profession? One of our key advantages as indie developers is our agility –… Read more »

Quality or Quantity?

Feb 25, 2012

Today’s question came from an undergraduate following a recent, slightly updated presentation of my Controlling Project Size posted on HobbyGameDev last month. I gave a more brief response than this on the spot, but as I think it’s something many new developers are likely to wonder about, I’ll try to provide a bit more complete… Read more »

Question About Comp Sci Major and Game Development

Jan 30, 2012

Question, Part 1 – Hi Chris. This is my first year in college, and I’m currently a Computer Science [CS] major. However I came in with no prior programming experience, so the math and programming classes so far have been pretty tough. I am thinking about switching my major to something more enjoyable, and just… Read more »

Project Archivability

May 30, 2011

PlayCrafter, an online videogame building site I helped build in 2007-2008, is now offline. (Project videos: Physics Puzzland, Matcheroo, Domino Shomimino). An effect of the site going offline is that the 130,000 videogames created on it are no longer playable, since the games referenced files and database entries on the server. Of course, fortunately, PlayCrafter… Read more »

Don’t Wait for an Event, Job, Contest, Assignment, Invitation, Business Plan, or Context

Dec 1, 2010

This entry is the month’s “Advanced” article (in case the pattern isn’t apparent, every month I add one article for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Special Topic). As such, I’m assuming here – contrary to the assumption made by 1/2-3/4 of the articles on this site – that you already know how to program in a… Read more »

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