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Emergent Gameplay R&D: Example of Thinking by Building

Jun 2, 2014

I’m a huge fan of the idea that you can (and should!) think by building, and build to answer questions. Granted, sometimes the purpose of building something is to bring something specific into existence that we understand fairly well ahead of time. Especially when first studying classic game design deeply through remaking classics, we have… Read more »

Prototypes Build Bridges to New Ideas

Apr 1, 2014

When we make things, we often do so because we want X to exist in a world in which we can identify that the world wants X yet X does not yet exist. We can illustrate that change with a diagram of this style:   Transformation: Template (state before) >–(what you do or make)–> (state… Read more »

InteractionArtist Experimental Gameplay Series

Feb 21, 2014

Here’s a video covering my design observations from making an experimental interaction project every night for seven months between 2007-2008: The above presentation is based on how I presented my paper on the series for GTRIC (Georgia Tech Research & Innovation Conference). For additional information about InteractionArtst, check out notes from my 2010 talk at… Read more »

Marker Fight: Foray into Physical Games

Oct 31, 2012

I ordinarily stick to digital games. However a design assignment in one of my courses recently led me to experiment with creating a physical game. It’s a game only in a loose sense of the word, as the emphasis is more so on play; there’s no way to win or lose. That’s true for some… Read more »

Connect Videogame Development to What You Are Passionate About

Sep 30, 2012

This may sound obvious, but somewhere between simply learning technical skills as a beginning developer and having those skills harnessed by employers/clients/customers as an advanced developer, it seems as though many videogame creators forget that (1.) we also get excited about all sorts of fascinating things in the world (and 2.) we’re free to make… Read more »

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