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Pixel Art Basics

Jul 21, 2012

The popularity of pixel art, besides simply being a classic retro aesthetic (late 80’s, NES-era), is also from it being a whole lot faster and requiring less traditional art talent and skill, also that it can be made with far less expensive software. If you are a programmer trying to make art and you have… Read more »

Pinball-Based Design and Presentation (Parallel Appeals)

Aug 11, 2011

It was not player dissatisfaction that disrupted the pinball industry. It was the high cost of manufacturing, distributing, and maintaining such equipment compared to software-only sales, arcade videogame cabinets (which have about 3,000 fewer parts to break, jam, burn out, or otherwise need repair and replacing), and slot machines (where mechanical maintenance is offset by… Read more »

Bottom-Up vs Top-Down Game Design*

May 3, 2010

There are a few things that I would like to say about bottom-up design, compared to top-down design. Before I can do so, I want to make sure that we’re on the same page as to how I use those terms – they mean somewhat different things to different fields, and I suspect it’s likely… Read more »

Programmer/Designer Need for Art

Jan 26, 2010

Design by Limits A lot of programmers want to learn enough game design to make their own games, and a lot of game designers want to learn enough programming to make their own games. But let’s not kid ourselves when it comes to art: thousands of years of human progress have shaped art, and drawing… Read more »

Free Software for Image, Audio, Code, 3D Models

Apr 27, 2009

Free Software For image creation and manipulation: GNU Image Manipulation Program For sound effect creation and editing: Audacity For 3D modelling: Blender Programming compiler for ActionScript3, used in programming web games: Includes mxmlc, an AS3 compiler (Free tutorial for mxmlc install and set up) Programming compiler for C++, used in programming… Read more »

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