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Partial Remake for Study: N64 GoldenEye in Unity

Apr 28, 2015

As indicated in the video: I am not releasing (and not selling) any part of this. I made the project only for practice, and as way to better understand the mechanics and functional details for one of my favorite games.     Coming up next: more Game Developers Like You text interviews! Read more »

Studying Game Design Through Pac-Man Ghosts and Cut Scenes

Feb 1, 2014

I’ve been experimenting with new recording approaches to better and more easily integrate slides, proper video camera (as opposed to webcam), and game/video screencast. I’ve prepared this lecture on game design, in this case studied through detailed investigation of ghost AI and historical consideration of the cut scenes, to test my updated set up: If… Read more »

John Nesky: Facilitating Stories in PS3 Journey + Dynamic Camera (video)

Apr 16, 2013

9 years ago I helped start a college videogame development club, where I met John Nesky. We went on to work together at a startup, on an advergame, and on a bunch of iPhone titles before I went off to graduate school and he wound up over at thatgamecompany. More recently, I helped get another… Read more »

Quit Smoking Game: Effect of Interaction on Interpretation

Sep 12, 2011

A few months ago, the above image by the artist ReClark Gable made its way around the internet. Note that this is not a screenshot. ReClark authored it as a still image. This image communicates without interaction nor gameplay. Instead, visual parallels imply a mapping to components in the classic game Breakout, with lungs in the… Read more »

Studying Gamers Gaming, Not the Games (GoldenEye 007 Examples)

May 30, 2011

No amount of studying a hurdle can reveal to us everything about hurdling. A hurdle is only one piece of the activity. The activity has much more to do with the workings of people and physical forces than with artifact’s construction. By the workings of people, I am referring to joints, respiration, perception, and dexterity,… Read more »

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