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Developer Interview: Felipe Nanni

Apr 13, 2015

Today’s Game Developers Like You interview (still going throughout April 2015!) is with Felipe Nanni of Brazil. Q: Hi Felipe! For starters, how would you like to introduce yourself and your experiences? A: I’m 25 years old and I’ve been making small experiments to learn and test ideas on Game Maker for 2 years. Before… Read more »

Safety Makes Practice Possible (Gamkedo and Learning Martial Arts)

Feb 28, 2015

I’ll open today with a 4 minute video about the connection between lowered risk and practicability, plus a bit about why I call my training Gamkedo:     My mission is – and has long been – making videogame development something that more people can safely get into doing, enjoying, and growing through. Just because… Read more »

Choose Goals While New That Are Mainly Up to You

Feb 19, 2015

When you’re new to game development – and this applies to many other things as well – initially focus on setting goals that you alone can determine the outcome of. It sounds so simple, but getting this wrong is among the more common causes of early burnout. As examples of what I mean, here are… Read more »

Free Video Course on Programming Your First Game

Feb 1, 2015

For those of my training clients who have never done any game programming before I’ve been using Hands-On Intro to Game Programming as our textbook. Section 1 from it is the simplest transformative project that I know to rapidly get someone familiarity with the fundamentals of gameplay programming. Since those first couple of sessions, prior… Read more »

Three Purposes for Game Projects: Professional, Recreational, and Transformative

Jan 31, 2015

When choosing a videogame project to take on it’s important to consider what your main purpose is in doing it. Most projects that people see and play are from the first two categories: professional or recreational. There’s a third purpose for projects – transformative – which despite not getting nearly as much attention from customers… Read more »

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