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Influence of Business Models on Game Design

Mar 3, 2013

This is pretty common position to hear from designers talking about the question of microtransactions: > I don’t have an ethical problem with microtransactions, except where a game is designed to manipulate people into spending extra money. This angle imagines that money is somehow a new factor in videogame design. It isn’t. I feel like… Read more »

Influences and Parallels Between Pinball and 70’s-80’s Coin-Op Videogames (Master’s Thesis)

Mar 31, 2012

Most of my writing this month has gone into wrapping up my thesis, although I have been working on it now for more than half of my time as a master’s student. I’m including it as my only HobbyGameDev post for March 2012 since the material spans my usual categories (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Special… Read more »

Deer Hunter (1997): Early Casual

Oct 30, 2011

In 1997, Sunstorm Interactive released a value-priced game named Deer Hunter. Walking happened only while viewing the map – by clicking on where to stand next – and never from first person. Opening that map to move briefly froze the game. Player control in first-person consisted of turning or raising/lowering the view, but the game… Read more »

Pinball as Historical Player-vs-Machine Twitch Gameplay

Aug 11, 2011

The types of videogames that I enjoy – or at least the aspects of videogames that I enjoy most – are those focused on hand-eye coordination, immediate playability, rewarding audio & visual spectacle, bringing order to chaos, and practice/replay. Meanwhile the overwhelming majority of the existing literature, workshop resources, and publicly documented design techniques for… Read more »

Playing Videogames 1984-1996

Jun 30, 2011

This isn’t a review blog, nor a personal gameplay journal. However since I often allude to older games, I figured it might help to take an entry to look at how context for our gameplay has changed. I was a kid during NES/SNES era, teenager for N64, in university when the Wii was released. The… Read more »

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