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Developer Interview: Tim Donley of Donley Time Foundation

Mar 12, 2015

What follows was an interview through the Game Developers Like You Survey Form that I recently posted. Remember: anyone at any experience level is encouraged to share their story, too. Join in – share your work, journey, and thoughts! Today’s interview is with Tim Donley, a very experienced game developer living in Austin, Texas. He’s… Read more »

Most Indie Developers Do Freelance Contracts for Stable Income

Jan 31, 2015

I mentioned this briefly back in October, in Crowded Blue Oceans: Swarms of Peer Competition, but it’s terribly important and really needs its own detailed post. Whether it’s an IGF-winning developer, a profitable small game studio of salaried industry professionals, or a two person team living in a rented mobile home (that was my situation… Read more »

Ryan P. Morrison’s Free Legal Q&A Threads on Reddit Are Amazing

Sep 29, 2014

Aside from occasionally embedding community responses to open questions via Twitter, HobbyGameDev is almost entirely a single author blog (hi folks!) that’s strictly original content. I generally don’t reblog or blog about other people’s content. However: MY GOODNESS, if you haven’t been reading VideoGameAttorney’s free legal AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion threads in r/gamedev then… Read more »

A Frank Look at Making Videogames Professionally

Jul 4, 2014

I meet and speak with so many people that want to make videogames. This desire often begins from an interest in making their own game ideas. Over time, that interest tends to quietly morph into an interest in getting a job making games. These are not the same thing, nor even as related as they… Read more »

Intellectual Property and Hobby Game Development

Jul 8, 2013

Combined with the e-mail question below, this post is particularly relevant in light of a recent news posting making the rounds, Treehouse Targets Indie Studio with Threat of Patent Infringement Lawsuit. Intellectual property is absolutely a topic that videogame developers, even if indie, student, hobby, or only doing noncommercial projects, really should try to become… Read more »

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