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Project Archivability

May 30, 2011

PlayCrafter, an online videogame building site I helped build in 2007-2008, is now offline. (Project videos: Physics Puzzland, Matcheroo, Domino Shomimino). An effect of the site going offline is that the 130,000 videogames created on it are no longer playable, since the games referenced files and database entries on the server. Of course, fortunately, PlayCrafter… Read more »

From iPhone to Flash: Porting Transcend, Tumult, and feelforit

Mar 31, 2011

“feelforit is my favorite iPhone project that I’ve made, and Transcend is my favorite iPad project that I’ve made. I’m even more excited for the upcoming release of Tumult…” –Why HobbyGameDev? June 13, 2010 Why Port from iOS to Flash iPad 2 came out recently. Just like when iPhone 4 came out, and iPhone 3G,… Read more »

Doing More With Less: Short Videogame Design

Aug 17, 2010

Rapid advances in computing, design community discourse, and demographic variation continues to make game development and distribution easier each year, prompting a tidal wave of new games. Although console manufacturers historically limited the number of annual releases, the internet and smartphone app spaces have no such restrictions. Videogames used to be light on content due… Read more »

The Changing iPhone App Store Market

Jul 7, 2010

I posted this blog entry from Communities Dominate Brands to Facebook the other day: [Full Analysis of iPhone Economics – it is bad news. And then it gets worse] I highly recommend reading that. Friends inquired about how that analysis compares to my experience as an iPhone game and entrainment app developer. My reply: The… Read more »

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