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Arcade-Style Game Design / Pinball Presentation

Jun 24, 2013

I’ve written entries before about pinball’s relation to coin-op videogames, however – especially in the case of my master’s thesis – they’ve been lengthy and required some nontrivial effort or a prior interest in pinball to get through. The thesis is necessarily lengthy and thorough, whereas those older original blog entries were a bit disorganized… Read more »

Influences and Parallels Between Pinball and 70’s-80’s Coin-Op Videogames (Master’s Thesis)

Mar 31, 2012

Most of my writing this month has gone into wrapping up my thesis, although I have been working on it now for more than half of my time as a master’s student. I’m including it as my only HobbyGameDev post for March 2012 since the material spans my usual categories (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Special… Read more »

Pinball as Historical Player-vs-Machine Twitch Gameplay

Aug 11, 2011

The types of videogames that I enjoy – or at least the aspects of videogames that I enjoy most – are those focused on hand-eye coordination, immediate playability, rewarding audio & visual spectacle, bringing order to chaos, and practice/replay. Meanwhile the overwhelming majority of the existing literature, workshop resources, and publicly documented design techniques for… Read more »

Pinball-Based Design and Presentation (Parallel Appeals)

Aug 11, 2011

It was not player dissatisfaction that disrupted the pinball industry. It was the high cost of manufacturing, distributing, and maintaining such equipment compared to software-only sales, arcade videogame cabinets (which have about 3,000 fewer parts to break, jam, burn out, or otherwise need repair and replacing), and slot machines (where mechanical maintenance is offset by… Read more »

Pinball and Rules: Rough Divisions of Real-Time Gameplay

Aug 11, 2011

It almost sounds a bit silly at first to suggest that there are specific “moves” and techniques to practice for playing pinball – after all, pinball is just two flipper buttons and a steel ball, right? It’s not as though we need to learn to throw a Hadouken, perform a spinning pile driver, or pull… Read more »

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