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What is Japan Doing Differently (Video)

Apr 5, 2013

This video is an extended version of a 5 minute presentation that I recently put together for the same class with Celia Pearce that I wrote a handful of blog entries for. The original text-only version of this information from several years ago PDF of the slides used in this video Scans of a Japanese… Read more »

Influence of Business Models on Game Design

Mar 3, 2013

This is pretty common position to hear from designers talking about the question of microtransactions: > I don’t have an ethical problem with microtransactions, except where a game is designed to manipulate people into spending extra money. This angle imagines that money is somehow a new factor in videogame design. It isn’t. I feel like… Read more »

Stop Trying to Learn Everything Before Starting*

Feb 1, 2013

Don’t wait until you know everything there is to know before starting. Learn just enough to get started. That includes having a rough idea of a realistic scope for a first project, so that you don’t wind up hopelessly lost and frustrated. Then get started. Get your development environment set up and compiling empty/test/placeholder/example code.… Read more »

Photographer’s Algorithm

Dec 5, 2012

This is just a new term I’m applying to a basic design strategy that I’ve mentioned and explained on HobbyGameDev several times before. I usually refer to this idea as overproduction. Lately I’ve taken to instead thinking of it as the “Photographer’s Algorithm,” which I think gets the idea across more effectively. Professional photographers, even… Read more »

Beginning Unity Tutorial (Video)

Apr 30, 2012

Unity is completely free to use, so long as we don’t need the Pro features. The free version is quite complete, as it includes everything needed to create finished games and compile them for Mac, Windows, and in-browser play. To help more developers get started in Unity, I created a one hour tutorial this semester… Read more »

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