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Tile-Based Collision Basics (1 hour video)

Oct 18, 2013

Although 2D grid/tile-based collision is a subject I’ve touched upon a few times before (links below, for further reading), since it’s a topic also of use to students in one of the classes that I teach programming for at Georgia Tech I’ve recently made and recorded an hour video tutorial walking through a simple example… Read more »

Hack Then Refactor: Going from Comments to Classes*

Sep 30, 2013

Rough Drafts Should Look Rough One of the common challenges holding up beginning game developers, much like it holds up beginning writers, is trying to get everything down right the first time, perfect immediately, as soon as it’s “on the page.” A rough draft ought to be rough, whether it’s written in code or in… Read more »

Intro to Programming (Lab Videos)

Sep 3, 2013

At Georgia Tech in 2012 and 2013 I’ve been a programming TA for two fall courses in the Digital Media master’s program: LMC 6310 (Computer as an Expressive Medium, taught by Dr. Jay Bolter) and LMC 6313 (Principles of Interactive Design, taught by Dr. Janet Murray). In both courses students: (a.) Come in with a… Read more »

Universal Test for Picking a Platform

Jun 21, 2013

A question that frequently comes up among people just getting into game development: which programming language, engine, tools, or libraries should I use? There’s actually a fairly simple trick to figuring out for yourself what’s currently a good answer. It’s even tailored to the type of game you’re looking to make and your development situation!… Read more »

Overcomplicating Everything*

May 31, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an incredibly inspiring person. At 20 years old, he won Mr. Universe as a body builder. For many of us, we could just look at that achievement and see that as the likely high point, figuring that might come to define our identity and life path. No, that wasn’t enough though. He… Read more »

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