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Reasons for Modest First Projects and Incremental Learning

Mar 30, 2014

I asked another question to the community with @HobbyGameDev on Twitter recently. For the most part the responses were incredibly illuminating about what challenges new game developers were experiencing. I love these kinds of questions and responses since it helps keep me firmly connected to people’s real needs. Although I was able to field a… Read more »

Stop Arguing About What Makes a Better Game

Dec 30, 2012

…and go make your better game. Every indie developer that I know – and I’ve had the good fortune to meet quite a few of these folks – has a wildly different answer to the question, “what makes a good videogame.” They generally have an answer, it’s not as though the question leaves developers with… Read more »

Connect Videogame Development to What You Are Passionate About

Sep 30, 2012

This may sound obvious, but somewhere between simply learning technical skills as a beginning developer and having those skills harnessed by employers/clients/customers as an advanced developer, it seems as though many videogame creators forget that (1.) we also get excited about all sorts of fascinating things in the world (and 2.) we’re free to make… Read more »

Making Finished Videogames (Student & Freeware) / Video of Slides with Audio

Aug 31, 2012

Back in Vol. 34 of HobbyGameDev, I included slides from a summary talk I delivered for incoming VGDev members in August 2011. This year I’ve extended and improved that presentation for this year’s incoming class, and have it here along with full audio: (Video Link) Entries mentioned in the talk or otherwise relevant: ActionScript 3… Read more »

Top Entries From 3 Years of HGD

May 31, 2012

This month’s set of entries, Vol. 38, marks the start of this blog’s 4th year of monthly updates. At over 150 post to date, that’s a lot of material for new visitors to wade through. To simplify that search, or in case you missed a few of these along the way, here are the top… Read more »

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