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Controlling Project Size

Jan 25, 2012

One of my entries from November 2010 included links to slides from several introductory talks I prepared for VGDev, our student game development club at Georgia Tech. Last semester, I put together and updated a single summary presentation of highlights from those slides, which is now available on SlideShare as Controlling Project Size for Student/Hobby… Read more »

ActionScript 3 Entries and Notes on HTML5

Dec 31, 2011

One of the more common questions I’ve been receiving via e-mail and finding on forums is about programmers familiar with some other language (Java, C#, C++) aiming to switch to ActionScript 3 for developing web/Flash games. The benefits of this transition are broader distribution (easy to reach thousands of players, or more, within days), trivial… Read more »

First-Time Visitor Guide to HobbyGameDev

Dec 28, 2010

I’ve received feedback that one of the challenges for first-time developers coming to this site is that the volume of content can make it difficult to find a sensible starting point. Although I published a Best Of, that’s now roughly 30 entries behind. Here’s a fresh pass – albeit not as a “Best of”, so… Read more »

HobbyGameDev Summaries for Georgia Tech VGDev

Nov 13, 2010

Beginning in the start of November, I have been in the process of founding an organization at Georgia Tech (VGDev SIG) similar to the one I helped established at Carnegie Mellon (Game Creation Society). After each meeting this semester, I’m giving brisk 30 minute talks on student videogame development, and those slides go online for… Read more »

General Concepts for Beginning Developers

Aug 28, 2010

Often, in covering the specifics of examples, the general issues and strategies get overlooked. In this post, we’ll focus instead on general issues and strategies. A scattershot approach is taken to cover a lot of information here – by all means, skim and skip for what’s relevant to the sort of challenges that you’re running… Read more »

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