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Open Response to a Question About Female Armor

Jul 11, 2013

In a recent online discussion, the thread began with a user appreciating that Skyrim‘s female armor isn’t needlessly revealing or hypersexualized. Another added that Dark Souls is also good about this, and I had this image to add to the conversation, showing that that game’s prequel, Demon’s Souls, is pretty good about it, too: In… Read more »

Arcade-Style Game Design / Pinball Presentation

Jun 24, 2013

I’ve written entries before about pinball’s relation to coin-op videogames, however – especially in the case of my master’s thesis – they’ve been lengthy and required some nontrivial effort or a prior interest in pinball to get through. The thesis is necessarily lengthy and thorough, whereas those older original blog entries were a bit disorganized… Read more »

DeLeon @ Other Blogs: Extensive Interview, Playing as Pauline in Donkey Kong, and More

Apr 2, 2013

“Indeview” on Projects and Processes Interview on my technical choices, processes, and projects Academic Blog Entries Links to my posts on the class blog for Game Design as Cultural Practice – packed with references to other readings that may be of interest and plenty of conceptual discussion: Playing Donkey Kong as Pauline to Save Mario… Read more »

Gameplay is Inherently Abstract

Feb 28, 2013

Pinball and videogame designer George Gomez, interviewed for the documentary Tilt, explained that pinball gameplay is inherently abstract, but that as a designer he strives to use theme-based gameplay concepts to help make it less abstract. The player is toggling lever positions with electromagnets to knock a metal ball around a painted piece of wood,… Read more »

Stop Arguing About What Makes a Better Game

Dec 30, 2012

…and go make your better game. Every indie developer that I know – and I’ve had the good fortune to meet quite a few of these folks – has a wildly different answer to the question, “what makes a good videogame.” They generally have an answer, it’s not as though the question leaves developers with… Read more »

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