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Get More Done with a Pie Chart Plan

Jan 31, 2015

Time is often brought up as a limiting factor for home game developers. With that in mind, finding ways to make more effective use of what time you do have can go a long way. Obviously planning can lead to better time usage, but the problem is that detailed planning quickly becomes a time sink… Read more »

Non-Artist Tutorials to Model 3D Level Spaces in Blender for Unity (Also: Texture Baking)

Jul 20, 2014

Part 1 (Tools Intro): Demo of the project, and what we’ll cover Part 2 (Blender Basics): Viewport navigation, selection, simple editing Part 3 (Tunnel Extrude): Rapidly shaping tunnels and rooms Part 4 (Unity, Collisions): Importing into Unity, with mesh collision Slight detour for a standalone video (not for the above series, but overlaps a little,… Read more »

Short Video Replies to Questions from Twitter

Jun 24, 2014

As another vector of my ongoing experimentation with ways to help people make the games that they want to make I’ve been trying to record shorter, more casual videos. This is in contrast to my less frequent but longer presentations that I used to post. I’m finding this is an especially convenient way to address… Read more »

Playtesting Feedback: Distill, But Don’t Defend

Oct 29, 2013

Dr. Blair MacIntyre covered playtesting general practices today in his Video Game Design and Architecture class. He highlighted, among other general tips like not coaching nor correcting testers, the importance of not being defensive in response to feedback. VGDev speaker/president Matthew Guzdial stresses a similar point in his presentations for the club. Arguing with testers… Read more »

A Little Planning Can Go a Long Way

Jul 8, 2013

This post is available in audio form. Music by BoxCat Games, via Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Transcript: If you keep up with material on this blog, you know that I’m often a proponent of do, do, do. I’ve written entries before about over-preparation is often a form of procrastination, about how people over-complicating everything, and… Read more »

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