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Trouble Staying Focused? Maybe Your Workspace Setup is Bad.

May 27, 2014

Some people trying to get into videogame making believe that they simply have trouble focusing. It’s as though focus must just come more naturally for others. More often than not I suspect that work environment plays a much larger factor than we notice. There are countless tasks that can be done on a computer that… Read more »

Other Helpful Developers to Follow on Twitter

Apr 3, 2014

Once again putting my @HobbyGameDev account on Twitter to use in an effort to better help and understand the videogame development community, the other day I asked the following: Game developers, whether beginning now or experienced, who are some people on Twitter that've helped you start or become a better developer? — Hobby Game Dev… Read more »

If We Could Snap Our Fingers (+Peers Poll)

Feb 7, 2014

“If you could snap your fingers and have your game made, would you want to do so? Do you find value in the process and constraints of making?” This was one of the prompts that I asked recently on @HobbyGameDev. There’s sometimes an impression among people just getting into game creation that the videogame first… Read more »

You Will Probably Change Platforms. Many Times.

Jan 25, 2014

One of the topics that worry new-ish game developers – including developers that have just finished their first game or two – is which programming language, library, or platform is the best one to choose. This is related to a fear that learning the wrong one may keep a game from coming out well, or… Read more »

Encouragement and Advice from Fellow Game Developers on Twitter

Dec 11, 2013

Half an hour ago I asked on my @HobbyGameDev Twitter account: “Any words of encouragement or general advice for your fellow videogame developers, especially those that are just getting started out?” I was immediately overwhelmed by the outpouring of positive responses! Here’s some encouragement and advice from your fellow videogame developers. I’ve linked each of… Read more »

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