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The Importance of Doing What No One Is Asking You To Do

Jan 1, 2015

“Life is one beauty contest after another. School, then college, then work… If I want to fly, I’ll find a way to fly. Do what you love.” -Dwayne H., paraphrased Little Miss Sunshine (2006) The world demands certain things of us. The workplace, school, family, and friends place pressures on us to do this or… Read more »

If You Want to Make Games Competitively, Train to Compete

Dec 30, 2014

Making a videogame can be playful. Making a videogame can be hard work. There are times and places for both. Often here at HobbyGameDev I focus on videogame making as a playful activity. Making a videogame can be a game in itself, a carefree way to fill time alone or with friends. I started Gamkedo… Read more »

Ashley and Her Homemade Clothing

Nov 30, 2014

Growing up, there was a girl in my grade through high school named Ashley. Ashley’s outfits were never quite like anyone else’s. They weren’t especially fancy, and nor were they in noticeably bad shape. The clothing was generally simple. Aside from when she’d wear a shirt from a student organization, none of the clothes ever… Read more »

Solo Home Videogame Development as Meditative Practice

Oct 31, 2014

The other day I read 3 Sources of Happiness That Aren’t Tied to People or Stuff. It’s a pretty short article, and well formatted to be easily skimmed if you don’t feel liking giving it full attention. Heck, the first two sentences pretty well lay it out: It’s incredibly important to find sources of happiness… Read more »

Homemade Games: Because Who Made It, Where, and When Matters

Jul 4, 2014

One of my good friends growing up had paintings by her grandmother on the walls. These paintings weren’t the kind that sell for a lot. I don’t imagine they’d find a place in art galleries, either. They were fine paintings. They looked nice. A few were abstract. A few were landscapes. Now, I happen to… Read more »

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