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DeLeon @ Other Blogs: Extensive Interview, Playing as Pauline in Donkey Kong, and More

Apr 2, 2013

“Indeview” on Projects and Processes Interview on my technical choices, processes, and projects Academic Blog Entries Links to my posts on the class blog for Game Design as Cultural Practice – packed with references to other readings that may be of interest and plenty of conceptual discussion: Playing Donkey Kong as Pauline to Save Mario… Read more »

Connect Videogame Development to What You Are Passionate About

Sep 30, 2012

This may sound obvious, but somewhere between simply learning technical skills as a beginning developer and having those skills harnessed by employers/clients/customers as an advanced developer, it seems as though many videogame creators forget that (1.) we also get excited about all sorts of fascinating things in the world (and 2.) we’re free to make… Read more »

Create Opportunities

May 31, 2012

You have experience making–and most importantly, completing and releasing–videogames. A lot of other people want to make videogames, too. If you’d like to expand your hobby development from solo to team efforts, I’d encourage broadening your search for teammates to include people that don’t necessarily have as much experience. No book, no blog, no tutorial,… Read more »


Apr 28, 2011

The Tale of Tales talk at the Art History of Games 2010, “Over Games” (YouTube), included the following (from 16:40 to 19:20): “We’re not the only designers who think that computer technology has a lot more to offer than dress up games. But we’ve been a bit scattered so far, and whenever we communicate our… Read more »

Are Complex Systems Learned by Interacting with Complex Systems?

Feb 28, 2011

Many videogames are complex systems. It follows, according to casual discussion of games and learning, that complex systems are what we learn by playing videogames. This assumption leads to the idea that to teach a complex system, we should model it, and somehow make a game out of that model. However there is a subtle… Read more »

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